Zenergy Yoga Wheel Prop

If you would like to purchase a Zenergy Wheel the easiest way to purchase is to click the link below to our secure and safe online Ebay store.
Buy our Zenergy Wheels on our Ebay Store- Click Here!
Thick EVA foam padding is covered in antimicrobial and mildew resistant cork allowing for a firm grip and sense of security and cushions your spine keeping you relaxed and comfortable throughout your workout.
PROVIDING STRETCH AND DEEPER POSTURES SUPPORT : The yoga wheel is a effective and fun way to open the chest, shoulders, back, and hip flexors. It also develops balance, strength, and flexibility. The yoga wheel is used to help beginners and advanced yoga practitioners achieve backbends and loosen tight muscles before yoga class.
AMAZING BENEFITS : Through stretching and restorative yoga the wheel is an effective way to help your body get in the best shape of your life while enjoying the process daily with amazing benefits like adding core strength and power, pain relief, increase blood flow, help reduce stress and anxiety, increased flexibility and muscle tone.
EXTRA STURDY AND DURABLE : It can bear 500 lbs at most. The EVA foam pad provides unmatched strength and safety. The totally Eco-friendly material cork is used to ensure it is sturdy , lightweight and has a longtime service.
13 INCH DIAMETER x 5 INCH WIDTH : The perfect width for rolling between the shoulder blades or under foot. The ideal comfortable size make the wheel use easily for anyone.

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