June 30 Day June Yoga Challenge 2024


The 30 Day Yoga Challenge is back….for the 9TH Year running, and each year it gets better and better!
We will have a selection of awesome teachers leading you through the 30days with a mixture of Ashtanga/Vinyasa/Power Vinyasa, Flexibility Flows, Weekly Yoga workshops and this year we have added a breathing class to compliment our strong physical practice.
Classes will be live in studio daily with a range of AMAZING teachers.
This moth long challenge is an unbelievable opportunity for your body and mind to feel the benefits of a daily yoga practice with a selection of experienced teachers.
This year will see the return of our regular challenge teachers, Jenny Torley, Bill Murphy, Grainne Finnegan, Orla Mc Adam…and this year we have a new Teacher..John Mc Keown- Qualified Wim Hoff instructor joining our team to introduce you to the power of the breath. Ive been attending breathing classes with him and I cant describe the place of calm it manages to bring me to, so im so excited that he can share it with you guys too!
If you want to consistently enjoy the benefits of yoga, then you need to take the steps necessary to make it a habit. One of the best ways to develop the yoga habit is to commit to a 30 day yoga challenge.
The heart of the 30 day challenge is commitment. It means making a promise to yourself and following through on it. It means banishing from your life all your usual excuses, It means promising to practice for a certain amount of time each day and just doing it. Whatever you commit to, do it for 30 days and you will drastically improve your chances of turning your yoga practice into a habit.
Pricing Options!!
*Early bird 150euro till 1st April 2024
*After Early Bird on 2nd April 2024 – 165euro